The Hunt Movie Review

Into this new paradigm, can there still be the possibility of an actual sense of anticipation for a major theatrical release? With so many tent pole movies on hold and with so much time on our hands, that kind of diversion is very much needed. Into this void of excitement comes the release (on video platforms) of The Hunt.

This tale of what came first, the chicken or the egg is an ideal project for the times. It will create dialogue and opinions and fill a much needed gap in new film releases. Seen as social commentary it is cutting, as entertainment, outrageous and as feminist propaganda, empowering. It does all this and still remains escapist especially in these isolationist times.



The idea of hunting humans for sport has been visited many times before on the big screen but never have the motivations for the hunt be so topical or timely. The current technology that allows our version of social media to have such power and create such pitfalls is very much of today. Its impact on the gestations of events in The Hunt is dramatic.

Seen at home on our brilliant big screens with their voluminous sound systems, The Hunt lacks nothing in visual or audio impact and with our almost insatiable appetite for bigger and better thrills, the timing couldn’t be any better. The enjoyment of the new is intoxicating and one that as things drag on will become more and more important. Good on Universal for not making us wait any longer.

Rob Hudson