The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review

Delivering a classic adventure yarn, the likes of which haven’t graced our screens in a long, long time, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir is quite simply movie magic. It tells the tale of Ajatashatru Lavash Patel played by Indian cinema powerhouse Dhanush. It follows his life from a little boy to adulthood and weaves quite the fabulous fable.

Aja lives in a poor section of the city with his loving mother but spends most of his time on the crowded streets of Mumbai. He runs scams and performs magic tricks with his friends to earn what little money he can. When his mother passes away and he goes through her things, he finds one of the letters from his absent father and decides to try to find him.



This starts a journey that will take him across Europe and expose him to things beyond his dreams. He will fall in love, be held at gunpoint, experience singing policemen, dance with a movie star and be stuck in a Spanish airport with a room full of refugees. Throughout all these adventures he remains empathetic to those around him and becomes a better man because of it.

This is the type of film that rewards a disdain for literal truths as that dulls its sizeable charms. Best to just get lost in the experience as this is the kind of wonderful adventure that only movie making magic can create. It’s quite the journey and one well worth taking.

Rob Hudson