Sirkis/Bialas International Quartet – Come To Me Album Review

There are albums you have to live with for a while to enjoy all the detail and glory they have to offer. Come To Me is just such an album. The quartet comprised of Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis, Polish singer Sywia Bialas, British pianist Frank Harrison and British bassist Patrick Bettison are the personification of international in both their heritage and approach to music.

When a lyric is sung in a language foreign to the ear, it becomes more of a melodic statement than one of message and as such is easier to just let wash over you. Bialas is sublime in her native tongue and the sparse and thoughtful supportive piano notes of Harrison are divine in their simplicity and accessibility. There is no barrier here.

The rhythm section of Sirkis and Bettison are also a marvel of unison thought process and give the music just the right nudge when needed. The songs run the range from sweet and inviting to swirling surges of scat vocals and propulsive playing. There are elements to savour in both the readily accessible and the submerged nuance.

Nowhere is the statement that music in an international language more readily supported than during the absorption of the ten tracks on offer here. Come To Me is an inviting experience at any point on the globe.

Rob Hudson