RBG Movie Review

When a documentary gets things right, it can be as powerful as any form of media and RBG gets things right. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a force of nature and one of the most important people (male or female) of the twentieth century. Her impact both as a lawyer and as a Supreme Court Judge has had such a positive impact on women’s rights in the United States that it has impacted world view


Now in her eighties and every bit the fire brand of her younger years, she has become emblematic of how things can be if brilliant minds are put to task and party politics are left behind. It’s a stark contrast to the ever widening division now being perpetrated in America between the haves and have nots in relation to basic human rights.



It’s also a love story that shows a man can support a woman in all ways and not be thought the lesser for it. Her successes were helped dramatically by a husband who recognised the brilliance of her mind.  She has not slowed down with age and has become as close to a rock star as any octogenarian in history. For once those accolades are truly deserved.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has lead a remarkable life and RBG is a fascinating insight into a brilliant legal mind, ones whose impact will hopefully be felt for decades to come. The compassion she feels for equality is a beacon that will hopefully outshine the current darkness.

Rob Hudson