Pitch Perfect 3 Movie Review

Setting the silly storyline aside and the hilariously bad Australian accent compliments of new cast member John Lithgow, Pitch Perfect 3 closes out the franchise in fine fashion. This version sidesteps the problems of version 2 by ramping up the musical numbers and placing more focus on the joys of music, it’s a welcome direction.

Most all of the female cast members are back and even though it was rumoured to have become a Rebel Wilson vanity project, the end results show a good balance between characters. They also do a bit of globe trotting and the cities they visit add to the visual appeal.



The script, while firmly set in a world of non-reality still delivers quite a number of very funny one liners and the overriding message of sisterhood is delivered with a surprisingly light touch. Having the girls share the stage with a number of conventional bands (who play with musical instruments) also adds musical variety.

The 93 minute film while never taxing the grey matter also doesn’t overstay its welcome. Amid the over abundance of big brand action films this holiday season, it’s nice to have a film based on human interaction that is not without its charms.