Patti Cake$ – Movie Review

Watching the heroine of the piece, Patricia Dombrowski AKA Patty Cake$ played by Australian actor Danielle Macdonald triumph over both fat shaming and racial prejudice is just one of the film’s many joys. The modest budget and lesser known cast only adds to its roots appeal.

Patty Cake$ is a white female rapper whose big persona and bravado behind the mic hide a life riddled with ridicule and self doubt. Her life at home is also far from ideal and watching her overcome these issues pulls you in and makes you more than just a casual observer.

You care about the outcome of her life and wisely the filmmakers keep the unbelievable away in most instances. This only enhances the experience. The acting performances are universally good and the characters are wild enough to be interesting but grounded enough in reality not to strain credibility to its breaking point.



The hip-hop based sound track underpins the events on screen and there are some excellent and profane performances. The film ultimately provides moments that are very uplifting as Ms Dombrowski and her friends overcome their less than ideal lives and find success in measured in small moments as well as large.

Rob Hudson