Paloma Faith – Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? Album Review

Singer, actress and multifaceted performer Paloma Faith dips her finely painted toes into the nu-soul waters and the results are actually better than to be expected. Her voice on record has some pleasant nuances and her choice of ultra-professional sidemen really compliments her approach.

She is listed as co-author of all the tracks on the album, so her work ethic seems intact and writing your own material (even with help) is a good indicator of intent. Her soulful delivery reveals that at the least she has a good record collection and the discerning taste to take advantage of it.

Arriving onto the scene without all the baggage of that other self-destructive diva helps to place the focus where it belongs, on the songs. Less in the news results in more time on the turntable in this house. So as an indicator, the tracks on Faith’s first album reveal the start of something good.

Now delivering a work like this in the studio (with all its voodoo magic) is really only a start. Now comes the life on the road that will lend an authenticity that only comes with sweat under the bright lights and seasoning those vocal chords by belting it out night after night. Do You Want The Truth? could be an indicator of good things to come, now let’s get along with that career and prove it.

Rob Hudson