One Perfect Match Movie Review

As Brisbane becomes more of a cosmopolitan city and Australia’s film industry grows, it becomes inevitable that local scenery will be utilised in films and television. Movies like Thor and TV series like Harrow and Boy Swallows Universe featured some very identifiable backdrops from our city by the river. Now into this mix comes One Perfect Match.

Intentional or not, this film’s use of local scenery is hilarious. This romance film makes some very odd choices to play for an American audience and as a result of that has created some very funny moments. Ostensibly setting the film in Florida provokes many internal laughs as you go from an office view of the Brisbane River to stock footage of the high-rise buildings of that sunny American state.



The storyline of having one of the character’s family owning a vineyard that is a short drive from the city and showing scenes from what looks like the the rolling hills of the Sirromet Winery is also rather humorous as the state of Florida with its year-round hot climate doesn’t bring to mind the growing of grapes nor does its flat landscape. Elsewhere there are identifiable settings from the South City Square and Brisbane CBD.

This romance genre comes with a few caveats, it seemingly means the film must be easily digestible and unchallenging in the extreme and One Perfect Match is certainly that. Where the real fun happens is in identifying all our local landmarks and finding them a million miles away from that retirement capital of the United States. For that alone, if you live in Brisbane, give it a go.
Rob Hudson