O Beautiful Night Movie Review

What would you do if you met death in the flesh? For Juri (Noah Saavedra) that possibility might just become a reality. Unable to shake the paranoia he has in regards to his own demise, he uncomfortably heads out one night to find a dive bar and try to erase himself with some schnapps.

When he runs into Der Tod (English translation – The Death) played by Marko Mandic, this malevolent presence in human form takes him on a journey that is part phantasmagoria and part road trip. Are these events really happening or are they just figments of a bruised psyche. The reality of this is left entirely up to you.


The dark and unravelling action is intercut with beautiful stills and paintings of mother nature. There is also a female presence with Nina (Vanessa Loibl) who might actually be real. Once again it’s up to you to make that call.

The film wonderfully walks that fine line between hallucination and reality while never establishing itself too strongly in either camp. O Beautiful Night is another strong addition of this year’s BIFF line up.

Rob Hudson