Neon Tiger Theatre Review

Andy (Lisa Hanley) and Arisa (Courtney Stewart) are strangers in a strange land. Andy is an Australian girl living in Bangkok and scratching out a meagre existence singing in the Neon Tiger, a Karaoke bar. Arisa is a well off America tourist who was actually born in Thailand but raised in the States. They are as different as chalk and cheese.

Andy is a reductionist who sees the world in simple terms, while Arisa over intellectualise things and has strong opinions on just about every topic. Contrasting the difference between the perception of intent and interpretation of action, Andy and Arisa continue to see the world in dramatically different ways, even as the begin to fall in love.

The third element of this union is the city of Bangkok, with its sights and sounds and smells. It is an exotic location and one that promotes a unique world view. They visit tourist locations and enjoy western privilege and endure third world terror. Through it all, their differences fall by the wayside.



That their union becomes realised is expected, where it goes after that is less so. That universal truths can be filtered through Western privilege and become something else informs the participant’s reality and the audience’s as well.

The play is the work of writer Julia-Rose Lewis, composer Gillian Cosgriff and director Kat Henry.

Neon Tiger is playing at La Boite Theatre until Saturday 17 November – for more information or to purchase tickets head to

Rob Hudson