Moro Spanish Film Festival – Carmen & Lola Movie Review

Within the tightly controlled circle of the Gypsy world, those that deviate from the norm are quickly ostracised. Add in the demands of catholicism and you now have very little opportunity for expression. Carmen & Lola are two girls on the verge of womanhood that share a secret.

This secret has the ability to blow both their worlds apart but young love only knows young love. This examination of a culturally forbidden love is presented as part social story and part teen drama. It helps the teen drama aspect that both women are very attractive, this however blunts the film’s social impact. It is still a fascinating insight into the Gypsy world, a world very few know.



Carmen & Lola is screening in Brisbane:
Palace James Street
Sunday 28, April 8:00 PM
Wednesday 1, May 6:30 PM

Palace Barracks
Sunday 5, May 8:00 PM
Tuesday 14, May 6:30 PM

Presented by Palace, the 2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival’s national program features 32 films from Spain and Latin America, including special presentations and events, innovative documentaries, and a spotlight on female directors.

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Moro Spanish Film Festival
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