MINI British Film Festival – Happy New Year, Colin Burstead Movie Review

Reinforcing that old adage that if they weren’t family, they would have nothing in common at all, Happy New Year, Colin Burstead follows a highly dysfunctional family as they get together for the holidays. Disagreeing on the large rented country manor where the reunion takes place is only the beginning of their quarrels.

The black sheep of the family, David, has been invited and everyone is not happy with that decision. Every family member seems to have their own agenda and enjoying each others company is not part of the plan. Self-serving opinions are constantly delivered under breath and truths are revealed.



Writer/director Ben Wheatley takes aim at the forced family dynamic and hits his target with precision and a dark wit. Acidity and sarcasm runs rampant and it’s all delivered in that British way, the anger fixed at a slow burn. You really don’t envy anyone in the room. If you come from a large family yourself, it might hit a bit too close to the core.

Consistently confrontational and never less than entertaining, Happy New Year, Colin Burstead uses a large ensemble cast to the best of their abilities. The film screens in Brisbane as part of the Mini British Film Festival underway now at the Palace Cinemas.
Rob Hudson

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead Brisbane Screenings

Tuesday 5, November 4:00 PM
Wednesday 6, November 2:00 PM
Wednesday 13, November 8:30 PM

Friday 1, November 4:10 PM
Monday 18, November 8:10 PM
Thursday 21, November 1:45 PM

The MINI British Film Festival takes place in Brisbane from Wednesday, October 30 until Sunday November 24 and films will be shown exclusively at the Palace Barracks and James St Cinemas. Click here for more information about the festival, or head to the official website for more information and to book your tickets!