Mark Wingfield – Proof Of Light Album Review

In this day and age, how do you make a guitar instrumental album stand out? In Mark Wingfield’s hands the guitar becomes a lot more than just steel strings and electrical current.

His superb phrasing is just the start. It’s his choices in tone and the way his notes spill into unusual areas that make the biggest impression. They just coat your ear holes with gooey goodness.

Mark’s liquid tone is matched by his introduction of notes in a fashion that is most luxurious; they seep out of your speakers in a surprisingly organic way, especially considering how processed they actually are. This is technology used to paint a most vivid picture of something naturalistic.

His backing by Yaron Stavi on bass and Asaf Sirkis on drums is also stellar and even with the chops of god that all concerned surely possess; they submerge individual hot spots for the common cool. This approach leads to a feeling that juxtaposes heat and ice and fire and finesse. Even the outright shredding songs like Voltaic never loose their cool.

Add this to the collection of guitar albums that feature a unique voice, singular approach and defined sense of journey. This work takes you to places serene and stimulating.

Rob Hudson