Lady Bird Movie Review

Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) is at an awkward age, not quite a child but not quite an adult yet either. She has strong opinion and isn’t afraid to voice them even if they are not always that well informed. You know typical teen stuff. Where the film veers from the typical is with its accurate assessment of those transitional years. It is refreshingly cliche free and it rings truer that most of the genre.

The performances are outstanding throughout, especially Ronan and Laurie Metcalf who as the mother is heart breaking in her ability to love and inability to adequately convey those feeling to her troublesome daughter. The film is very adapt at showing those ungainly teen scenarios without reducing them to cringe cinema.



One of the film’s most remarkable traits is in how convincing and engaging its examination of even the simplest of teen moments are for the protagonists. When your brain is flush with raging chemicals at that age, even the most benign moment seems crucial.

These moments are played out with consummate cinematic skill. The film is also very unbiased with its characterisation and even the nuns at Lady’s Catholic High School and portrayed fairly and with humour. The film is a charming experience that feels heartfelt and real.