King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Movie Review

Director Guy Ritchie returns to the land of fantasy with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the results are some what uneven. There are moments that show Ritchie still a way with dialogue that rivals just about anyone else filling the silver screen but then there are moments of clunky exposition.

The casting is also spotty with Jude Law not quite inhabiting the role of the big evil, King Vortigern. He just doesn’t fill the role with near enough menace. Charlie Hunnam as Arthur also has moments where his glare reminds one too much of his definitive role as Jax Telller in Sons Of Anarchy. He is more successful as the alpha-male blonde wise cracking smart arse.



The film suffers from a too dark palette and the special effects seem to be missing that final step of rendering and come across less than impressive. Ritchie is still too good of a director not to delver quite a few moments of complete immersion but isn’t able to sustain that high level throughout the film’s 126 minute running time.

One’s appreciation for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is probably more in line with their fondness for the fantasy genre and the suspension of disbelief necessary to get lost in this tale of Kings, Queens, magic and monsters.

Rob Hudson