Karnivool – Asymmetry Album Review

With a band history that dates back almost 15 years and a recorded output since then of only three full albums, it goes without saying that a new Karnivool album release is a special occasion.

The new long player Asymmetry more than lives up to those expectations with its expansive take on progressive rock.

The work screams with passion when the mood strikes but also whispers with precision. The band creates a musical world with all the bombast and idiosyncratic behaviour that marks the best in the genre. It’s minute attention to detail also gives clues to the band’s less than vast recorded output.

It’s a dense work that is best left to wash over you as it reveals more and more depth. This approach is dramatically helped by the CD format as the moments of vocal respite rise up out of complete silence and after the guitar maelstrom that has come before, the effect is startling.

This music is as far from audio wallpaper and passivity is near to impossible, as it demands your attention. The rewards to that effort are substantial as this is one the year’s most arresting releases.

Rob Hudson