In Like Flynn Movie Review

The film’s look and feel plays like an old school television movie of the week. As for fans that want to dwell on Errol Flynn’s wild life and times in that place called Hollywood, it tells another tale entirely.

The story is focused on Flynn’s time before acting and portrays him truthfully or not as a man’s man and quite the swashbuckler. It revolves around the search for gold, adventures on the sea, loose relationships with the law and male camaraderie.



It’s set in the roaring twenties when things were portrayed as simpler. There is also an entertaining bonus for us East Coast Australians as there are stops in Brisbane and other cities on the coast. This visual view of our past is good fun.

Delivering an amusing adventure yarn for those without high expectations, In Like Flynn succeeds. It does however make one wish for a more detailed account of what must have been a fascinating life of a true film icon.

Rob Hudson