I Still See You Movie Review

A cataclysmic event rocks the state of Illinois, culling vast numbers of the population, but  an apparition of their previous selfs remain. They are called remnants or rems and they are destined to repeat the same behaviour over and over. The always follow the same set of rules, until now.

Goth girl, Veronica Calder (Bella Thorne) comes in contact with a rem that seems to be breaking the set rules of behaviour. So she does what every high school girl does in movies like this, she asks the dark brooding bad boy Kirk (Richard Harmon), who just happens to be good looking for help. They enlist the science geek who has always held a candle for Veronica to help solve the riddle.



Most of the science fiction concepts are solid and even though the film is no big budget bonanza, the main effect of the rems is convincing. The film transitions from sci-fi exercise to detective yarn to horror thriller and as the creepy adds up, it unsettles you with a fair amount of discomfort and unease.

I Still See You succeed in direct proportion to your ability to believe in the premise and discard the unnecessary distractions including attaching too much importance to the bigger name actor. It’s to the film’s effectiveness that those distractions are keep to a minimum and the thrills to a maximum.

I Still See You is available now to rent or buy on DVD, blu-ray and digital.

Rob Hudson