I Feel Pretty Movie Review

Building a project around the comic talents of Amy Schumer would lead one to see a certain plan unveil. With I Feel Pretty there are moments that run very true to course and then there are some that strain the sense of direction. Most comedies are uneven but this movie takes that tendency to the extreme.

The film is a maddening journey of comic bullseyes and structural mishaps that strain the interest and believability of the project. Seeing the film in a full cinema on a Sunday afternoon and being one of only four males in the room was only one of the more unusual circumstances. The other being the almost complete lack of laughter from the audience, even in the very funny moments the film provides. You would think that those that arrive to see a Amy Schumer film would be well versed in what to expect. This audience seemed intent on not enjoying themselves.

The idea behind the storyline (that of beauty being contained within and not just a manifestation of appearance) is one told often and more effectively elsewhere but the film does have some funny moments and did provide a modicum of entertainment. It seems a shame the gathered masses were so intent and not sharing the collective fun.



The film falls into one of those niches that become a reality when a comedian crates a strong persona and people with money rush in to attempt to ride the coat tales. With a stronger director and sharper script I Feel Pretty would have provided a more solid foundation to what is a funny and talented comedian.

Rob Hudson