Halloween Movie Review

Riddle me this, have people in horror films ever actually watched horror films themselves? The answer must certainly be no. Because how else can you explain so many rookie mistakes being made?

If there is a serial killer loose in your neighbourhood and you are a teenager, you really should know that if you have sex, smoke pot or run through the forrest, you are going to die. Add to the list being the small town cop and you know you are going to get bloody.

Now is this cinematic world or repeat mistakes, comes the latest reboot of the Halloween franchise. With the #metoo era paying dividends, it’s a refreshing change when the women are not just victims and this time they get to be the hero and just generally kick ass.



Jamie Lee Curtis returns after decades away and gets to… well you’ll just have to see the film to find out. Horror films are not often this funny, grisly or prone to making you yell warnings at people on the screen who are about to become body count. Please see this with someone you love and you most certainly will loose the circulation in the appendage that they hold on to.

Rob Hudson