Free Fire Movie Review

Playing out like this generation’s Reservoir Dogs, Free Fire plays it up close and claustrophobic. It’s also a vivid lesson in how crime does not pay, especially when you’re either thick or impaired.

The cast is A-list, Brie Larson (following up her star turn in Room), Armie Hammer (unrecognisable under all that facial hair) and Cillian Murphy (effective as a shady dude with values), the film’s intent is decidedly not and in this case that is a good thing. No wildly improbable flights of CGI fancy or vanity visuals, just a gritty story with dire consequences.



Set primarily is one set, the film plays off the actors ability to drop in and out of view but still stay in one’s mind. Not as talky as QT’s take, this cautionary tale does none the less prove once again there are easier ways to make a living than braking the law.

With as solid of an effort as this, director/writer Ben Wheatley continues his unconventional climb up the Hollywood heap and remains one to keep an eye on. Future works include Freakshift a horror romp that will star Alicia Vikander.

Rob Hudson