Freaks Movie Review

Constantly forcing you to reevaluate the information you have been presented with, Freaks is a fluid cinema experience. Things you feel strongly about at the film’s beginning will drastically change by its end.

Seven year old Chloe (Lexy Kolker) lives in squalor with her farther (played by Emile Hirsch). He seems almost completely unhinged and Chloe is prohibited from having any contact with the outside world. Chloe deals with this isolation by living in a fantasy world or so it would appear.



The outside world is in a strange way, having to deal with beings that have powers, Freaks as they are referred to. They are rounded up and sequestered away in a mysterious location carved into a mountain. Any that are identified are immediately dealt with very harshly.

The film is very adapt at changing your outlook as you are presented with more information. Things that you thought represented a certain view are turned around quite often. All this leads to an ending that will leave you both chilled by the outcome and ready to watch it again with all the new information.

Rob Hudson