Fighting With My Family Movie Review

Whether you see professional wrestling as a sport or as live theatre, the thing you can’t deny about it is the athleticism and the dedication of its participants. Fighting With My Family follows the Knight family who live, eat and breathe wrestling. The younger members of the clan dream of hitting the big time by being able to ply their trade in America where the sport is big business. Very big business.

When the son and daughter get the opportunity for a try out with the American company, the youngest member of the family, Saraya (Florence Pugh) makes the grade but has to leave behind her brother Zak (Jack Lowden). This causes a strain in the family as Zak has also dedicated his life to the squared circle.



Wrestling forms the backdrop but what the film is really about is the power of love and the feeling of inclusion that can only be provided by family. By blood or shared experience. In this regard it is surprisingly touching. The feel good moments are equally matched by the humorous moments, moments that have a decidedly British/Australian feel.

Even if you have little interest in professional wrestling, Fighting With My Family will win you over with its successful mix of humour and a touching take on the family unit. Come for the wrestling, stay for the story.

Rob Hudson