Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review

We as audience members can forgive a large dose of the cliche if the entertainment level is high enough. And judging from the Australian Box Office juggernaut that is Crazy Rich Asians, we can forgive more that just the familiar.

This fish out of water tale follows Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as the woman with the humble background meeting the boyfriend Nick Young’s (Henry Golding) family for the first time. Nick has keep his family’s wealth and influence a secret. The family is of course opposed to the match, so the film finds its way to the inevitable conclusion is a very predictable way.



This is not to say that the ride does not have it charms, the selling of the lifestyles of the rich and famous is entertaining in its opulence and excessiveness. As are the family cliches as they add up. It’s never challenging but provides solid and predictable fun.

When the class war subsides and Rachel has won over her most ardent opponent, Nick’s patriarchal mother Elanor (Michelle Yeoh) with an act of selflessness, you give in and go along even though you have that moment of expecting more. Reality has long ago left the building and what you are left with is frothy fun.

Rob Hudson