Cluedo! The Interactive Game: The Christmas Edition Theatre Review

In a room filled with beautiful people dressed in their finest, the libations flow and conversations fill the room. But there is something else afoot, something sinister. There is a murderer in our midst and a victim to be had.

So starts the night when Brisbane Immersive Ensemble deliver their special brand of magic and bring the popular board game Cluedo to life for some real live action. The evening begins with a room filled with merry makers along with Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Dr. Black and the rest of the Cluedo cast dressed to the hilt and totally in character.



As the adult refreshments flow and the discussions climb in volume, there is suddenly a loud scream that settles a hush upon the room, a murder has been committed and it is up to us arm chair detectives to solve the crime. We separate into groups and get to work. There are interrogations to make and suspects to grill.

The night is a delicious blend of food, spirits, insane chocolates and doing your best Sherlock Holmes imitation. The Cluedo cast do a great job and no matter how hard you try, they never break character – it’s most impressive. Through applied logic and some degree of detective work, a suspect is identified and apprehended. All in all, it’s a unique and engaging night and the next time Brisbane Immersive Ensemble bring the show to town, it’s one not to be missed.

Rob Hudson