Baywatch Movie Review

Go see Baywatch and you will get to spent time with The Rock, the next President Of The United States of America and like a visit with El Hombre Cheeto, it will be vulgar, crass and juvenile but unlike hanging around with the orange man, it will be funny, laugh out loud funny.

Getting the mixture of a cringe comedy just right is not an easy task as one person’s comic meal is another’s awful offal but Baywatch more than tickles the funny bone. It plays out just like bad American television, thin plot, thinner actors and The Rock. Mr Johnson gives good comedy and he and the cast look like they were having a right good time with the material.



Fans of bad cinema are out there and when you base a bad film comedy on a bad American television show and let’s be frank, Baywatch was a horrible TV series (in so so many ways) it’s bound to reach the heights, or actually scale the depths. Classic bad film comedy? Only time will tell but few films this years will sets their sights so low and succeed so well.

Having a good laugh in public will never lose its appeal and Baywatch links the audience with their inner child. You will cringe but you will also laugh.