Bad Moms 2 Movie Review

This comedy successfully overcomes two monumental tasks, not completely trashing the original by being a horribly weak sequel and not overdosing on the holiday cliches while being set at Christmas time. The original film was a left field hit that was surprisingly good and round 2, while not scaling the heights of the original, still provides a lot of laughs.

What the sequel lacks in character development, is more than made up for in sheer craziness. You really have to see the film to experience how over the top a current generation comedy can be. It’s also great to see that the women in the film are the comic legends and almost all the male cast members play the straight man in this comic stew.



The basic story line is one of the connections between mothers and daughters and each of these relationships strike a different tone. It’s this variety that makes it relatable to a wide selection of the audience. If nothing else, it makes you happy your own relationship with your parents was never quite this dysfunctional.

Seen back to back, the two films play well together. Bad Moms 2 will definitely be added to many people’s list of unconventional Christmas films that will be watched every holiday season. It fits nicely alongside other non traditional fare like Rare Export and the original Bad Santa and Die Hard.

Rob Hudson