Anna And The Apocalypse Movie Review

A Christmas musical that features pop songs and the walking dead? As a lover of unconventional Xmas films, sign me up. How do things turn our for the main protagonists in this Glee meets Shawn Of The Dead mash up?

First it must be said that high school is difficult enough without having to deal with a rampant plague of zombies. And while not much happens in the quiet town of Little Haven and Anna (Ella Hunt) and her fiends are used to the quiet life, things are about to change for the worse when they start to notice the colour drain from their classmate’s faces.



As things usually unfold in these adventures, the school is soon overrun and then the rest of the film becomes an example of survival of the fittest. Anna along with some friends and not so friends have to overcome hardship, the undead and a psycho principal, played by a very over the top Paul Kaye, to try to reunite with her father, who works at the school as a janitor.

While the film runs out of ideas before the final credits roll and the songs featured in the film’s first half are the stronger tunes, the ride is still an amusing one. Add this to the holiday film list that includes Bad Santa, Rare Export, Black Christmas and Krampus.

Rob Hudson