Adrift Movie Review

Based on a true story, Adrift shows how resilient humans can be when faced with incredibly long odds just to survive. Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin) and Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) are two free-spirited individuals who meet, fall in love and take a job together sailing a friend’s sailboat from Tahiti To San Diego, California.

Their idyllic journey turns upside down when their ship is caught in a huge storm with massive swells. The ensuing damage to the ship changes their lives forever. The film features a non-linear approach and starts with their craft already severely damaged from the storm.



What ensues is a tale of human resolve, the longing for a permanent connection with a loved one and the heights one can achieve when their life is on the line. The events leading up to this moment are told in a mix of back story and future events.

The story is effectively told with frighteningly intense storm scenes that are contrasted with the squalor of surviving on an almost completely destroyed ship and the carefree actions of two young lovers in the paradise that is Tahiti. Their love and emotions form the basis of a survival story that is quite moving.

Rob Hudson