Adam Movie Review

With all the trappings of success, even including a pooch that acts as his wingman, Adam (Aaron Paul) is living the dream. His geek childhood days are way behind him and he is never lacking in confidence. His bravado, warranted or not, almost always leads to positive results. Riding higher than usual after a recent promotion at work and finding a new girlfriend, Adam is on a real roll.

Then an accident happens that results in Adam becoming a quadriplegic. This forces Adam to confront many hard truths. His gift of gab and the results they used to enable runs headlong into the reality of not being able to talk one’s way out of medical certainties. His progress at returning to a sense of normalcy is slow at first as his anger clouds almost all his actions. Returning to live with his parents and brother only accentuates the distance.



Redemption begins when Yevgeina, a Russian nurse (Lena Olin) is hired to help with Adam’s rehabilitation. She refuses to wallow in his self-pity and together they slowly thrive in the reflection of small victories. This bittersweet story benefits from its believability. The circumstances Adam finds himself in are presented in a matter of fact way and the resistance to ramped up melodrama kept things relatable.
Rob Hudson

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