Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie – Movie Review

Sometimes a movie that is not very good can be a lot of fun anyway. When the heavens finally aligned and writer and star Jennifer Saunders finally got the green light to make an Ab Fab movie, she put pen to paper. The results are the imaginatively titled Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

The film’s numerous faults mostly lie in the script. It’s so by the numbers, it seem Saunders wrote it in her sleep. But this misses the film’s main appeal, that of getting to hang out with Eddy and Patsy again. Saunders’ success in roping in most of the original actors from the multiple seasons of the television show also adds to the appeal. The well-chosen cameos are just icing on the cake.

The story revolves around Kate Moss; copious quantities of mind-altering substances, parties and well, that’s about it. There is no real character enlightenment and everyone seems little changed from the years since the show’s last run. Even being the feature length film that it is, it plays out more like an extended telly movie.

All these criticisms aside though, the film is just a fun trip down memory lane and keeping all the player’s narcissistic tendencies and selfish behaviours intact is the way it should be. Because who really wants to see a kinder and more mature Ab Fab?

Rob Hudson