19th Lavazza Italian Film Festival Preview Reviews

It’s that time of the year again, time for one of my favourite film festivals, this year celebrating its 19th edition. Good Italian films have always been high on my list for pure cinematic enjoyment and even though I speak very little Italian, the language has a wonderful flow and cadence on screen. It really is marvellously expressive.

This year’s festival will feature a fantastic selection of films like the comedies Put Nonna In The Freezer, a dark comedy about an up-tight policeman that changes his ways for love and My Big Gay Italian Wedding, that illustrates the power a loving mother has in garnering acceptance for her gay son with his homophobic father. It also ends with a great song and dance number.

And on a more serious side there are films like The Order Of Things that takes a look at the contentious subject of immigration as it follows an immigration minister whose well ordered sense of life is challenged by the plight of a Somali immigrant. This forces change but he ultimately chooses self-privilege. Then Euphoria follows two brothers who share the same mother but little else. Their lives are drawn together when one develops an inoperable brain tumour. Their differences underline the story but ultimately their bond comes to the fore.



With all the Italian delights on hand this year, this is one film festival not to be missed!

The 19th Lavazza Italian Film Festival screens around the country this September exclusively at Palace Cinemas. With over 30 of the latest and greatest from Italy’s best filmmakers, there is no shortage of Italian passion, drama, romance and style for film lovers to enjoy!

The Lavazza Italian Film Festival presented by Palace screens in the following locations:
Sydney: 11 Sept – 7 Oct, Palace Norton Street, Palace Verona, Chauvel Cinemas, Palace Central
Canberra: 12 Sept – 7 Oct, Palace Electric Cinemas
Melbourne: 13 Sept – 7 Oct, Palace Cinema Como, Palace Westgarth, Palace Balwyn, Palace Brighton Bay, Kino Cinemas, The Astor Theatre
Brisbane: 19 Sept – 14 Oct, Palace Barracks and Palace Centro
Adelaide: 19 Sept – 14 Oct, Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas and Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas
Perth: 20 Sept – 10 Oct, Cinema Paradiso, Luna on SX
Hobart: 18 Oct – 24 Oct, The State Cinema