1% Movie Review

Shakespearian in its feel (this time MacBeth), 1% tells the tale about families. The ones you are born with and the ones you become part of through shared experiences. It’s set in the world of outlaw biker clubs and fans of Kurt Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy will feel right at home.

Second in charge Paddo (Ryan Corr) has looked after things while the club leader, Knuck (Matt Nable) finishes a 3 year prison sentence. In his absence Paddo has made some changes to the club, ones that are sure to cause conflict with the returning President.



These conflicts drive the story to extremes and the second half of the film is much more energetic than the first. The outlaw life portrayed here features a number of the cliches that come with the genre but in a marked difference, the real drivers of the story this time are women.

While the biker life will feel foreign to most, the concepts of loyalty and familial ties will ring universal. It’s the contrast between the known and the exotic that provides the main points of interest.

Rob Hudson