Watch the trailer for the delightful family film 200% Wolf – coming to cinemas August 8!

A follow up to the Australian animated feature film, 100% Wolf, in which our hero, Freddy Lupin, had to grapple with the shock revelation that he is destined to be not a mighty werewolf like all of his family, but a tiny pink poodle!

n 200% Wolf, Freddy Lupin thinks he has everything it takes to lead his werewolf pack but earning the respect of his packmates proves to be a challenge. IF only he were more….Wolfish. But when a wayward wish transforms him into a werewolf and deposits a mischievous moon spirit on earth, Freddy must restore the cosmic order before it’s too late!



With Batty and his dog pals along for the ride, Freddy must seek out a dangerous sorceress with a grudge against the wolf pack, before his new moon spirit friend runs out of life energy and fades away!

If the team can avoid being turned into were-toads and Freddy can resist the pull of forbidden earth-magic, maybe they can send the spirit home and save the world. One thing’s for sure – Freddy will never question being a poodle again!