Kristian Fletcher to present a special 40th anniversary screening of Mad Max!

On Friday 4 October, Kristian Fletcher presents a special 40th anniversary screening of the 1979 Australian movie MAD MAX with actor John Ley in attendance at Metro Arts, Brisbane City.

Starring Mel Gibson, the 1979 movie MAD MAX is set In a self-destructing world where a vengeful Australian policeman sets out to stop a violent motorcycle gang.

One of the film’s actors John Ley joins us after the movie to chat all things MAD MAX and beyond. John Ley has also featured in the Australian cult movies Turkey Shoot and BMX Bandits.

Made for $400,000 and a big success in America, MAD MAX was the most profitable film ever made at the time.

MAD MAX screens at 8.15pm followed by John Ley’s Q&A, hosted by Dan Jensen from MovieTalk.


Why not make a night of it with the 1988 Australian movie YOUNG EINSTEIN screening at 6.30pm

TICKETS $15.00 – $19.00 per person + booking fee (18+ event)

“Experience a classic Australian movie with special guest,” Fletcher said.

“John Ley will be in attendance to sign autographs and chat all things Mad Max “.

MAD MAX 40th Anniversary + Q&A with John Ley
Metro Arts 109 Edward St Brisbane
Friday 4 October 8.15pm
Tickets $15.00 per person