Circa Waves Release New Single ‘Fire That Burns’

Circa Waves release a new single, with album Different Creatures out March 10 via Dew Process / EMI.

Describing ‘Fire That Burns,’ lead singer Kieran Shuddall says, “Fire That Burns is a tale of two sides and how far someone will go to please another. It shows the darker side of passion.”

‘Fire That Burns’ is a perfect example of the heavier, grittier direction that Circa Waves have headed towards with Different Creatures. It’s beginning wouldn’t be out of place on the band’s debut Young Chasers, but ‘Fire That Burns’ soon erupts into a fiery, stomp of a chorus that perfectly encapsulates frontman Shuddall’s new found confidence and growth as an artist.



The heavier sound has brought a renewed excitement and sense of purpose to Circa Waves. “We started playing (the new songs) live in the room, and there was so much more energy than the first record,” says Kieran. “I think the songs are big enough, and I think we’re easily good enough live, for us to be as big as whoever now.”

Co-produced by Alan Moulder (Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Smashing Pumpkins), Different Creatures is the grittier, ‘night time’ counterpart to the breezy summer vibes of its predecessor Young Chasers, exuding a newfound swagger. Shaped by Kieran’s perceptive songwriting ability to reflect the changes he sees in the world, Different Creatures showcases a disenchantment with the world he sees, a louder and more vital band, nudging their sonic palette into a territory shared with rock heavyweights such as Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Their debut album Young Chasers saw the band’s popularity and profile rise over a meteoric six months, as they built an immediate and loyal audience off the back of 13 direct, propulsive, indie anthems crystallised the band’s self-belief, and emboldened Kieran to delve into the weightier subjects explored in Different Creatures. “When I saw the way that people connected with it,” Kieran continues, “I really started to believe in myself, I’m a different person now -I feel like I’ve got a fire in my belly with this record.”

Different Creatures is not the sound of a band giving people more of what they know that people want from them. It is the sound of a band who are going with their hearts, reflecting the changes they’re seeing unfold around them, and moving forward. A risky move, but as fans will soon discover for themselves, it’s a risk that has paid off creatively in droves.

Different Creatures Will Be Released March 10 via Dew Process / EMI.