Take a soulful journey with Pablo Ferrandez and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

It’s been called ‘supreme’ and ‘the greatest’ of all cello concertos and on Saturday June 8, Brisbane will have the chance to hear 28-year-old Spanish cellist, Pablo Ferrandez perform Dvořák’s famous Cello Concerto in B Minor.

It is part of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming concert, Soulful Journeys, conducted by Maestro Daniel Blendulf and featuring one of Brisbane’s finest choral ensembles, Canticum Chamber Choir. Along with Dvořák’s Concerto, the program includes Dubussy’s mesmerising Nocturnes and Australian contemporary composer, Lachlan Skipworth’s exploration of the psychological and primal impact of the wind, Spiritus.

Cellist Ferrandaz is himself no stranger to acclaim, being described as ‘truly special’ and ‘a true musician’. Having played the cello since he was 3, he has built an international reputation that has earned him the honour of being the first Spanish cellist to be loaned a Stradivarius from the Nippon Music Foundation. That Stradivarius is called Lord Aylesford and is one of the oldest in the world, dating from 1696.



Soulful Journeys
Mysterious, Mellow, Smooth
‘I want to take listeners to a place that’s kind of familiar but also unsettling,’ says Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth about Spiritus, an exploration of the psychological and primal impact of the wind. Stylistically, the music glimmers with transparency, fresh harmonies and inventive timbral blends. Dream in Debussy’s impressionistic Nocturnes, where a women’s wordless chorus contributes another skein of luminous colour in these stunning forays into light and shade. Championed by numerous cello greats, Dvořák’s soulful concerto radiates tuneful glory. Branded the ‘greatest’ by music lovers, the ingenious scoring ensures the cello’s sorrowful voice is always distinctly heard.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra – Soulful Journeys
Saturday 8 June 7.30pm
Concert Hall, QPAC