Foster the People Australian Tour

Foster The People have announced that they’ll be playing a pair of extra shows on top of their appearance at Falls Festival 2017/2018.

Foster The People’s third album Sacred Hearts Club is a 12-track effort that joyously flexes the group’s infinite creative powers, fusing neo-psychedelia, punk, funk, electronic, dance and hip hop. Bolstered by a diverse slew of groove-oriented songs, including the infectiously funked-out title track SHC, the synth-fused glide of “Doing It For The Money,” and the psychedelic prowl of “Loyal Like Sid & Nancy,” (complete with spoken-word piece that recalls Gene Wilder’s memorable lines in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), the band captured a patient, ‘spiritually improvised’ vibe in the studio that set the tone for the entire album.



Foster and longtime touring cohort Isom Innis (he and Sean Cimino became full-fledged members this year alongside original member Mark Pontius, with Cubbie Fink departing the band in 2015) combined their formidable artistic strengths and “chased the music.” The result is Foster’s indelible hooks intricately tethered to fertile, more adventurous beats, the two artists channeling shape-shifting chord progressions over cascading hip hop veins, blast beats, unstoppable dance grooves and snatches of hardcore punk.

Foster the People Australian Tour
Lorne – 28-31 Dec ’17 – Falls Festival
Marion Bay – 29 – 31 Dec ’17 – Falls Festival
Byron Bay – 31 – 2nd Jan ’18 – Falls Festival
Melbourne – Thursday 4 Jan ’18 – The Forum
Sydney – Friday 5 Jan ’18 – Enmore Theatre
Fremantle – 6 – 7 Jan ’18 – Falls Festival