Yonder Festival returns this November!

A project born out of love and passion from a small team of creatives, Yonder is a multi-arts festival grounded in inclusivity and experimentation that focuses on supporting emerging and diverse artists in an immersive, collaborative environment.

Yonder creates an experience, an opportunity, a moment for those attending to truly embrace their natural self. Harnessing a desire for connection and expression, Yonder presents the weird and wonderful – providing pathways for adventure. Allow us to deliver you the unconventional, the strange, and the eclectic.

There are few times and places in life where the truly unimaginable takes place; and in these moments, these precious few instances, where reality drifts and fantasy takes hold, is where Yonder exists.



Entering its fourth year in 2022, Yonder welcomes you to lose yourself in the beautiful site – to find moments of peace at The Space Between Notes, to dance without inhibition at Yonderland, to discover new artists, and build new friendships. With these friendships comes a responsibility to treat others with kindness and respect. Built on the core values of community, inclusivity, and acceptance, Yonder has firm inclusivity guidelines that we expect all patrons to follow – ensuring everyone can feel comfortable and safe while losing themselves in the magic.

The 2022 program will feature an expansive line-up of tantalizing music, enchanting performances, engaging workshops, and incredible artists across a range of styles and genres. Gear up for the compelling energy with first anouncements set for mid 2022.

Yonder Festival
Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi Country – Mary Valley, Imbil
24 – 26 November, 2022