The world premiere of Silence is coming to the Brisbane Festival!

Silence is about the space in between.

Conversations not being heard and responses that are muted. A drum beats and bodies thrash through frequencies to uncover what lies in the Silence. There is Silence between stars as the emu travels across the night sky, or the dancer’s energy when they hit the cut between rhythms. It’s also the deafening silence under white noise. The same questions echoed through generations.



We’ve marched across Country. We’ve had promises made and broken. We’ve drafted our own treaty, and still we’re the only sovereign peoples without one.

Choreographed by Bundjalung-Yugambeh, Wiradjuri and Ni-Vanuatu man Thomas E.S. Kelly, this new dance work pulls it from under the rug and slams it back on the table. Because the conversation about a TREATY will never be silenced.

10-13 September 2020
Brisbane Powerhouse