We Koppel, We Dala Exhibition at Metro Arts

We Koppel, We Dala presents narratives of southern African origins that explore concepts of identity, migration, self-determination and representation. Painful artefacts remind us of oppressive histories and their ongoing impacts.

Apartheid continues. Disguised globally. Framed within South African Apartheid history, the exhibition seeks to consider adjacent histories of colonialism such as that of so-called ‘Australia’ and its own histories of segregation, and to acknowledge this.



We Koppel, We Dala explores personal relationships within these histories, by occupying significant sites of reclamation and loss: the mountains where Khoi and San ancestors traversed; memorials of the 76’ youth uprisings; sites of removed of colonial statues; and visiting former family residences. Fist thrust into the air, the artist acknowledges connection to place and history. The plight of residents of District Six and many other communities who were displaced as a result of South Africa’s Group Areas Act, continues 50 years on, though not in silence. Because we must koppel, we must dala.

We Koppel, We Dala Exhibition
26 June – 13 July
Metro Arts, Brisbane