Toys Through Time Exhibition at the Museum of Sydney

Step through the toy store doors and enter a world of whimsy, nostalgia and fun.

From peg dolls to Barbie, tin soldiers to spacemen, toys reflect society, offering a window to the past and an insight into our ever-changing culture.

Showcasing the beloved toys of Sydneysiders, Sydney toy manufacturers and Sydney toy stores, this exhibition offers a mix of the familiar and the forgotten and a fascinating trip down memory lane.

Let your imagination fly as you follow the kids’ trail through the exhibition to the play space, where you can play traditional games and make your own toy to take home.

You’ve never seen such an amazing collection in all your life! Toys of every kind to thrill and delight you – quaint old toys, brilliant new ones, strange toys, familiar toys, wonderful toys… an attraction for young and old!

Toys Through Time Exhibition
Museum of Sydney
28 March 2015 – 9 August 2015