The cities, they tremble exhibition is coming to Metro Arts this month!

The cities, they tremble is a three-part audio-visual installation that traces the connections between place, identity and sound, through an examination of resonance and vibration in everyday life.

When speaking of our ‘sounding’ environments, the distinction between the body and its environment becomes blurred—our bodies literally resonate with our surroundings through the vibration of sound. By foregrounding everyday ambient sounds, the listener becomes more aware of the sounds that are constantly being processed by their body.



The cities, they tremble examines how sound in its ephemerality allows us not simply to react to our surroundings as they appear, but offers us the opportunity to reimagine our surroundings through listening – using sound as a means to reveal the vibrancy within domestic objects and surfaces that are generally perceived to be inanimate.

The cities, they tremble exhibition
18 September – 5 October
Metro Arts, Brisbane