Grace Chang: Modern Songstress at QAGOMA

As part of the 2017 BrisAsia Festival, the Australian Cinémathèque presents a free series of screenings at SunPAC.

The program celebrates the songstress films of Hong Kong cinema during the 1950s and 1960s and their most alluring star: Grace Chang (Ge Lan).



This period of Mandarin cinema reflected the burgeoning changes in Hong Kong society – the mixing of East and West, old and new, regional influences and urban experiences. Grace Chang was one of the singers and actresses who dominated the screen and her appearances in Hollywood-influenced romantic comedies, musicals and melodramas made her an icon.

The program includes Grace Change’s most beloved films: Manbo Nülang (Mambo Girl) 1957; Ye Mei Gui Zhi Lian (The Wild, Wild Rose) 1960; Xiangji Meiren (Our Dream Car) 1959; Liu Yue Xinniang (June Bride) 1960 and Jiao Wo ru He Bu Xiang Ta (Because of Her) 1963.

Grace Chang: Modern Songstress
27 January – 19 February 2017