Doctor Who Festival 2015

The official Doctor Who Festival is coming to Australia for the first time, and will provide fans of all ages with exclusive access into the magic and the secrets behind your favourite program.

The Festival will be held on the 21st & 22nd November 2015 at the Royal Hall of Industries and Hordern Pavilion, the Doctor Who Festival promises fans a unique insight into the imagination and skills put into bringing an episode of Doctor Who to you. This includes exclusive access to the people that make it happen, giving you the chance to get inside the adventure.

Meet the Cast
This is your chance to attend Q&A sessions which will get you closer than ever before to Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Joining Peter is Ingrid Oliver who plays Osgood and Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.

Meet the Writers
Hear from the experts who create the storylines of your favourite programme, and find out how the Doctor’s many adventures are developed from script to screen.

Meet the Monsters
Experience the work that goes into creating iconic Doctor Who monsters right in front of your eyes, with a live monster make-up demonstration at the Millennium FX Monster Show. A brand new Series 9 monster will also be featured in the demonstration!

Doctor Who Festival 2015
21-22 November 2015
Royal Hall of Insustries & Hordern Pavilion – Sydney