The Man Who Knew Infinity Competition

Thanks to Icon Film Distribution we have five double in season passes to give away to The Man Who Knew Infinity!

The Man Who Knew Infinity stars Jeremy Irons, Dev Patel, Stephen Fry and Toby Jones and is based on the incredible biography by Robert Kanigel. The Man Who Knew Infinity tells the amazing true story of self-taught mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Dev Patel stars alongside Jeremy Irons in a film that explores the brilliance of a man many believe could decipher the very fabric of the universe and possibly existence itself. Driven by his destiny for a greater calling, Ramanujan’s (Patel) life was turned upside down when Cambridge professor G.H. Hardy (Irons) discovered his talents and plucked him from obscurity in his homeland of India.

The pair would go on to become unlikely friends and make up one of history’s most bewildering and productive collaborations, working on the most complex problems known to man, with much of his works still relevant in maths and science today.

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Competition will be drawn 04 May 2016, winners will be notified by mail.