Denial Competition

Thanks to EntertainmentOne we have ten double in season passes to give away to Denial,  a riveting drama about the real-life showdown between American historian Deborah Lipstadt and notorious English Holocaust denier David Irving.

In 1993, Lipstadt publishes a book called “Denying the Holocaust”, in which she refers to Irving as a denier. Soon after, he sues her for defamation under English law, where the burden of proof is on the accused. The whole world may know that the Holocaust happened, but now, Deborah and her legal team need to prove it.



Featuring a powerhouse performance from Rachel Weisz, Denial is the inspirational story of one woman’s fight for historical truth, and a timely reminder that the truth itself can withstand even the most aggressive and persistent falsification.

“Incredibly powerful and fascinating. A rich and rewarding experience.” Deadline

“This film, telling its story with punchy commitment and force, is a breath of fresh air. It has clarity, urgency and overwhelming relevance.” The Guardian

Directed by Mick Jackson and starring Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson and In Cinemas April 13.

Competition Form


Competition will be drawn 12 April 2017, winners will be notified by mail.