Jurassic World Dominion Movie Review

Be warned, if the little ones, the ones that love dinosaurs see Jurassic World Dominion their favourite creatures might just start to give them nightmares. The big beasts on display are anything but cuddly and are filled with snarling menace and savagery.

Signing off the last edition of the most recent trilogy in style, Dominion gets the whole gang back together to join in on the fun and much amusement ensues. The return of Sam Neill and Laura Dern plays out most entertainingly and Jeff Goldblum gets to riff as only he can.



The dinosaurs that escaped at the end of Fallen Kingdom have now inhabited the entire planet and the humans have a real problem on their hands. An evil CEO Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott) manipulating things behind the scenes only exacerbates the problems.

While it can be silly and predictable and often returns to themes featured in all the other films this does little to diminish the excitement. It’s tense and engaging stuff and the 146-minute running time flies by. See it with the entire family but be prepared to comfort the young children afterwards.

Rob Hudson