Here I Came to the Very Edge 2020 Exhibition at MoB

Greer Townshend is a Brisbane-based artist whose paper sculptures often reference notions of fragility and memory. In her work, Greer employs techniques in drawing, origami (paper-folding) and kirigami (paper cutting) to craft miniature interior worlds illuminated by soft light. Greer’s artworks often tell a story, but also evoke memories and explore layers of the subconscious.

Throughout her 2017 Q ANZAC 100 Fellowship at the State Library of Queensland, Greer researched the experience of soldiers and servicepeople during the First World War. Accessing photographs, letters and diaries from the library archive allowed Greer to develop a deeper insight into the lives of Queensland soldiers, reverends and other wartime workers. Greer continues to translate these stories into her artworks today.



This series encourages us to remember and reflect upon the profound effect of war on soldiers and service people.

Artworks by Greer Townshend will be on display at Museum of Brisbane in the Adelaide Street Gallery.

Here I Came to the Very Edge 2020 Exhibition
Museum of Brisbane
11 November 2020 – 31 January 2021