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Wild Rose Movie Review

Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl and Beast) is transcendent as the singer with a short fuse and a tendency to implode. Buckley is also a very talented singer and her beautiful voice adds a large degree of poignancy to the scenes in which she sings. The is especially true in the moments she delivers those songs a cappella.   //   Rose-Lynn’s impulsive nature has led to many a bad situation. It contributed to her incarceration and absenteeism from the duties of being a parent. ...

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Jessie Buckley delivers a finely tuned performance of triumph and tragedy in WILD ROSE, a beautifully crafted, heartfelt film in the style of British classics like Little Voice and Billy Elliott. Wild Rose will be in Austraian cinemas soon!

Beast Movie Review

Moll (Jessie Buckley) is a girl with a past, one that is never completely explained. Her life is a dull one punctuated by vividly violent nightmares. She soon meets local Pascal (Johnny Flynn) in the small isolated island community they call home and sparks fly.   //   The film is geared to never letting you off the hook and its creepiness aids in both drawing you in and freaking you out. It establishes both these feelings very well. The story revolves around a series of ...